Takeaways from the KuppingerCole Report on the Reality of Hybrid IT




The reality of hybrid IT environments is upon us. If you’re not already using cloud services, the time will come to plan and prepare. And, for those responsible for Access Governance and related compliance requirements, it’s important to plan for an increase in due diligence when it comes to managing who has access to what resources and what they are doing with that access.

Compliance requirements increase in complex hybrid IT environments. However, while many organizations are good in doing that for SAP or Oracle applications, there are significant gaps in an in-depth Access Governance for Cloud services because hybrid IT reality tends to split up functionality across multiple cloud services. It is not “all SAP” anymore, but some SAP HANA, some SuccessFactors, some Workday, and so on. Creating a consistent framework across all these applications is cumbersome enough for provisioning, but even harder for access governance.

Other challenges are the inability to see across the hybrid access environment in a single view, lack of standardized APIs, and incompatibility within the hybrid IT architecture. As organizations start to move from a perimeter-based security model to a perimeter-less one, greater emphasis will be placed on implementing tools and processes for achieving governance, reducing risks and providing evidence of compliance.  

Saviynt has put a lot of work into addressing these challenges and making access governance work well across the hybrid IT environment. Here are some key recommendations to help you on your path forward:

  • Understand your access governance challenges before defining your requirements.
  • Identify your access governance requirements across all of your applications and services in your hybrid IT environment.
  • Select an appropriate solution that will support all of your requirements and address your challenges, then create a roadmap to fulfill what is still missing.
  • Consider the use of analytics and intelligence tools to assist in lowering your access and compliance risks.

Saviynt’s next-generation IGA platform not only provides traditional identity governance, but also combines the ability to govern a user’s access to data and infrastructure in complex hybrid IT environments.

According to a KuppingerCole research analysis, Saviynt addresses the need of Access Governance to extend beyond the traditional boundary of an enterprise, as well as across infrastructure, applications, and data.  This unique approach enables organizations to protect their cloud infrastructure platforms from undesirable access through privileged users, but also from the dangers resulting from inappropriate access by end users, DevOps, data or even IoT.  Saviynt tackles the complexity of managing access governance in hybrid IT environments using analytics and intelligence. The company also has deep integrations with the following:

  • IDaaS (Identity as a Service) solutions like Microsoft, Ping, Okta
  • Cloud Directories like AWS IAM or Azure AD and existing enterprise-level IAM systems
  • Business application-specific identity stores like those of SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or Peoplesoft
  • Analytics platforms like Splunk
  • Data and document sharing platforms like Office 365, Box or Dropbox

Get more advice from KuppingerCole about how to tackle access governance in today’s hybrid IT reality by downloading this report. You’ll also learn more about Saviynt’s approach and how our solutions can help you.  

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