Saviynt-Microsoft Partnership Highlighted at MS Ignite 2020

Chris Gregory

Chris Gregory

VP of Channel Development and Operations

Ignite 2020 exploded with announcements about several key product enhancements guaranteed to help organizations optimize productivity and reduce costs while safeguarding against cyber threats in a world increasingly reliant on remote workforces. And partnerships that strengthen and advance the built-in capabilities of Microsoft products took center stage at the event. It was an honor to see Saviynt featured front and center as one of Microsoft Identities’ top partners

Microsoft’s growing partnership with Saviynt brings together two customer-focused companies at a critical time. With the rapid expansion of remote workers, organizations have struggled to provide employee access to mission-critical platforms and collaboration tools in the face of increasing cyber-attacks. Azure AD and Saviynt now work together to enhance Azure AD features and address enterprise-wide governance scenarios for customers. 

The newest integration extends privileged access for Microsoft Azure IaaS and opens governance to Azure AD B2C customers using the Saviynt Cloud Privileged Access Management (PAM) to create an identity led, Zero Trust security service — and accelerate an enterprise’s digital transformation journey. This announcement builds upon the Saviynt for Microsoft Teams integration, enabling governance across Teams, Channels, members, external users, and data through one unified, seamless solution.

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Saviynt Cloud PAM for Microsoft Azure IaaS

Saviynt Cloud PAM provides privileged access for Microsoft Azure IaaS by enhancing Azure AD PIM permissions. Risk mitigation is provided through frictionless requests for elevated roles and permissions. The solution helps Microsoft customers establish governance and compliance with Azure AD PIM by reducing risk exposure and credentials theft of Azure AD service accounts and Azure workloads. This decreases Privileged Account sprawl in Azure AD with Zero Standing Accounts and Zero Standing Privileges — allowing Saviynt to provide Intelligent Risk Insights for Azure AD users, Access, and Assets in the privileged access workflows. 

This new capability helps prevent security fraud and access elevations. Savyint can correlate native application logs of Microsoft workloads with session recording for intelligent detection of suspicious activities. Combined with the integrated lifecycle of Azure AD service accounts and privileged accounts, we built the Saviynt integration to provide elasticity and resiliency for Microsoft customers. 

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Saviynt for Microsoft Azure AD

Saviynt recently announced governance to Azure AD B2C customers (in a public preview). This integration ensures Azure AD B2C Administrative Governance, Compliance & Management of Azure AD B2C consumer applications, and associated identities can require scoped and role-based administration to achieve proper compliance levels.

Saviynt helps you establish governance with Azure AD CIAM by providing delegated administration within B2C tenants and allows geofencing of administrative operations. This improves compliance enforcement with the administration of B2C identities, as well as role-based access control for fine-grained entitlements to the object attribute level. 

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Saviynt for Microsoft Teams

Saviynt also announced updates to the Saviynt for Microsoft Teams governance. The solution now provides Microsoft Teams site succession management and support for Teams Private Channels. This is in addition to Saviynt for Microsoft Teams, which offers industry-leading governance across Teams, Channels, members, external users, and data in a unified, seamless solution.

Saviynt for Microsoft Teams provides a unified way to understand the risk posture of your Teams ecosystem. Real-time dashboards to help you glean insights into misconfigured roles and channels, excess permissions, or anomalous external access. It provides automated membership provisioning based on user identity data such as job or role, as well as a frictionless risk-based access request for membership to Team channels. 

Saviynt also provides access visibility for data and governance within your Teams Channels and Teams Site Collections — ensuring you know who has access to what at all times — including visibility into high-value and high-risk data being shared through Teams. We enable deep visibility and support SoD or other controls for Teams with sensitive information, so your business can operate with intelligent identity and smarter security. 

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