Saviynt Participates in Thought Leadership Sessions on Intelligent Identity at the Upcoming Cloud Identity Summit

Yash Prakash

Yash Prakash


Saviynt is very excited about the upcoming Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) 2017, hosted by Ping Identity in Chicago this June 19-22. It’s an amazing time in our company’s history and growth, and while we’re planning to show some of our most sought-after features at our Expo booth, we are also running 3 MasterClasses on Wednesday, June 21 that will offer thought leadership on key topics transforming the industry.

Identity as a Cornerstone for Successful Digital Transformation | 2:30-3:20

The first MasterClass led by Amit Saha, COO at Saviynt, and Kaushal Patel, Executive Director at EY, will discuss how digital transformation initiatives are driving business and technology innovation, but a major concern is the increased potential of sophisticated cyber-attacks. Identity plays an essential role in protecting the enterprise, while business adopts innovative technology approaches. In this session we will explore:

  • Key principles of securing a digital business and managing “digital risk”
  • Need for cross-functional approach to manage and secure customer data
  • Benefits of Unified Identity
  • Accelerate time to market with secure and innovative new services

Improving User Experience with Intelligent Identity Governance | 3:30-4:20 PM

The second Master Class, led by Nabeel Nizar, Vice President of Sales Engineering at Saviynt, is on next-generation and intelligent Identity Governance or IGA 2.0.  Despite significant investments in Identity Governance technologies, organizations struggle to empower users with intuitive experience and tools to improve decision making. IGA 2.0 uses machine learning and analytics to make IGA processes smart and efficient, reducing on-going governance costs. At the same time, it increases visibility and reduces risks in real-time. In this session, we will plan to walk through techniques that make an IGA solution intelligent including:

  • Dynamic recommendations that simplify access request processes
  • Micro-certifications that reduce rubber-stamping and user fatigue
  • Continuous controls that improve security posture and compliance mandates
  • Real-time identification and mitigation of risks

Role of Identity in Strengthening Security in Healthcare | 4:30-5:20 PM

Finally, the 3rd Master Class, led by Jason Gzym, Technology Evangelist at Saviynt, is on the Role of Identity in Strengthening Security in Healthcare. The healthcare industry is subject to the most number of cyber attacks and this trend is expected to continue in 2017. There was nearly 63% increase in attacks on the healthcare companies in 2016. Many of these attacks are caused by unauthorized access or disclosure of information, and Identity plays a critical role in preventing these and protecting valuable data. At this session, we will discuss:

  • Impact of changing technology landscape on security
  • Securing EHR (Epic, Cerner etc.) and other clinical applications
  • Continuous Controls to meet HIPAA, HITECH and other compliance mandates
  • How Identity supports Healthcare business success

Finally, schedule a demo at our booth and walk away with a remote controlled helicopter!  First 30 meetings only.

We hope you can join us at this event, and even have a special code you can use during registration to get a discount: Use promo code SV2017 to get a discount:

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