Saviynt 2021 Release Wrap Up

Erin Duncan

Erin Duncan

New Governance, Analytics, and Privileged Access Capabilities Available in Enterprise Identity Cloud Help Organizations Embrace Zero Trust Principles

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Saviynt 2021, the latest version of the Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC). The new EIC release builds on key areas of identity governance, analytics, and privileged access to help organizations embrace Zero Trust principles. This release also provides increased security and compliance capabilities for Microsoft customers, delivering end-to-end privileged identity and session management through a new Azure Active Directory (AD) PIM integration. Highlights include: 

  • Accelerate governance across apps, data, and workloads: Our new application onboarding experience helps you onboard apps 90% faster. The new wizard-based workflow empowers business application owners to securely onboard apps without assistance from IT administrators. We’ve also enhanced application discovery capabilities, so that no applications or workloads are left behind.
  • Unify identities and simplify governance: Our Identity Match & Merge functionality improves end user experience by unifying identities – even when users have different personas within an organization. For security teams, Identity Match & Merge improves visibility by mapping duplicate or multiple identities to a verified human identity, reducing the risk of unmanaged identities.
  • Quickly build out new application integrations: As organizational use of SaaS apps continues to grow at break-neck pace, it’s important that all applications are managed and governed to minimize risk. Our new connector framework allows customers and partners to quickly build out new application integrations.
  • Achieve comprehensive PAM for Microsoft-integrated applications: Saviynt complements and extends Azure PIM capabilities with enriched governance and privileged access management features. 
  • Instantly launch privileged sessions for any application: Our Quick Access Mode extends key privileged session management capabilities to any application so power users can instantly launch and request privileged sessions. This helps to secure privileged access, a key attack vector.

Reduce Application Onboarding Time by 90%

Smart App Onboarding

As organizations bring on new applications, the attack surface continues to grow on a daily basis. To decrease the risk associated with unmanaged applications, we’ve made application onboarding much faster and more efficient in Saviynt EIC. With our new onboarding wizard, you can onboard an application once and enable identity management features at any time as you go. The central application catalog provides complete management over the entire application lifecycle. 

Begin onboarding by choosing the selected application.

The wizard prompts you for basic information about the application.

Each selection contains the settings required to onboard a standard application.

Once enrollment is complete, an application can be managed and modified using the Catalog tab. Additional features can be added to the application as needed.
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The onboarding wizard has three modes:  

  • Simple mode onboards applications in minutes by using defaults based on best practices
  • Guided mode helps configure advanced use cases with a simple GUI
  • Draft mode allows for ongoing changes at your pace until they are finalized and committed

Eliminate Manual Tasks and Ensure One Identity for Life

Identity Match & Merge

The core of Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) is a scalable identity warehouse that maximizes analytics to eliminate time-consuming manual processes. With this new release, the platform intelligently detects any duplicate accounts in your identity repository and allows you to take corrective action with Identity Match & Merge. It provides an intuitive workbench so administrators can easily choose which identities and attributes to preserve and where action needs to be taken for owned accounts. Once this process is complete, EIC maintains the action to ensure one identity for life, even if the source data remains inconsistent.

Potential duplicates are automatically flagged in the system for review and can be merged into an existing identity or a new one.

The Merge feature allows you to choose which elements of each identity should be merged into the master record.

The Merge feature also allows you to choose which access to merge to the master record.

The review screen shows highlights of all changes and details on the application accounts and entitlements that will be reflected in the master record.

Confirmation that the two identities have been merged.
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Other highlights: 

  • Give more power to users with templates that provide self-service control creation and scheduling 
  • Maximize the value of Saviynt’s Control Center with performance improvements and increased flexibility of how personas can interact with data

Build a Connector for Any App

Connector Framework

With the release of our fully featured Connector Framework, you can build a connector for any app. The framework provides a starter toolkit to create connectors for applications that lack standard interfaces (e.g. REST, JDBC, SOAP or cannot be integrated with Saviynt’s Identity Bot). 

Other highlights: 

  • Connect to your regional Azure AD instances with multi-region support for Azure AD (global service), Azure AD for US Government, Azure AD Germany, and Azure AD China operated by 21Vianet
  • Better manage your user lifecycle with improved authorization scope and HR attribute support of the MS Dynamics 365 connector
  • Extend your Salesforce implementation with support for Permission Sets, Groups and Managed Packages
  • Increased flexibility in integration with Workday & REST endpoints with additional authentication options

Achieve End-to-End, Multi-Cloud Privileged Identity and Session Management

Azure AD PIM Integration

Our new Azure AD PIM and Saviynt Cloud PAM Integration delivers end-to-end, multi-cloud privileged identity and session management. Key privileged session management capabilities now apply to all applications so power users can instantly launch and request privileged sessions using Quick Access Mode. If users perform any suspicious activity or abnormal tasks, admins can send a message to the user, quickly terminate the session, or remove access altogether. Read this blog for more details. 

Quick Access Mode

Other highlights: 

  • Extend your footprint of Active Directory with PAM for all types of privileged checkouts – role-based, credential, credential-less
  • Drive convergence across your IGA implementation by allowing seamless credential checkout for Service Accounts
  • Launch secure sessions for AWS, Azure and GCP management consoles with in-line role elevation or JIT least privilege access
  • Launch secured sessions with AWS CLI and GCP CLI with support to securely check-in/check-out short-lived credentials or service accounts
  • Extended support for database (Postgres, MSSQL, and Oracle) 
  • Easily access vaulted credentials in break-glass scenarios

For more information about Saviynt’s 2021 Release, please read the release notes (requires FreshDesk log in). 

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