Report from Identiverse: Where Saviynt Partners for the Benefit of Customers




Our consistently strong growth is powered by our partner network and our approach to partnering. Our work with system integrators and technology partners is based on the mutual understanding that unique and synergistic combinations are found at the deep integration level. For example, this week from the Identiverse show in Boston, we announced our partnership with Axiomatics to integrate advanced risk analytics and intelligence with fine-grained privilege management. This partnership and the technology integration is unique as it is a powerful because IGA and ABAC systems work best when deployed in tandem.

The Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization Suite enables an externalized, policy-based approach to access control. Using Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), this next generation framework leverages attributes to build policies that help define precise scenarios under which access should be granted. When combined with Saviynt’s IGA solution, the Axiomatics ABAC engine can consume curated and governed attribute metadata from the IGA warehouse and can connect with this attribute source to solve the most complex access control use cases. In addition, Saviynt’s IGA solution can help with ABAC policy and workflow governance.

Because investing in our partners is of paramount importance to us, we also rolled out our new partner portal that will serve as a centralized location to collaborate and create efficiencies for the benefit of partners and ultimately, our customers. The new partner portal is a critical piece of the infrastructure we will use to scale our mutual business with partners.

Our partnerships were definitely a win/win for our customers this week. To celebrate, we along with Axiomatics, Radiant Logic and Core Blox, hosted our customers attending the Identiverse show to an evening of collaboration and baseball with the Boston Red Sox playing our own LA Angels. Unfortunately, we didn’t win tonight, and we’re rooting for the safe recovery of Jake Jewell – who tonight made his third career major-league appearance. Jake came to LA from the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees, a fine place many of us at Saviynt have called home, including yours truly and our CEO, Amit Saha who presented this week at Identiverse on the need to balance agility and security today’s ‘Hybrid World.’

In his presentation, Amit explains that Digital Risk Management is the integrated management of risks associated with digital business components, such as cloud, mobile, social, big data and IoT. And, the infrastructure, applications and administrative services that serve these business components span both on-premises and cloud resources. But, because technology changes so rapidly today, organizations are facing increased risk because they lack a consistent view across different assets which results in an ineffective security culture.

What’s needed, according to Saha, is for organizations to redefine identity governance and administration with the idea that Hybrid IT is going to be the new norm. He recommends the next generation of IGA, or, IGA 2.0, include the following fundamental principles:

  • Identity is the new perimeter
  • Visibility across data, infrastructure and applications on cloud and enterprise
  • Governance is the new imperative
  • Effective regulatory compliance and better monitoring and control
  • Intelligence is the new prevention
  • Need to move from Compliance to Intelligent Security, effective detection and response

Saviynt’s uses these principles to develop our next-generation IGA platform. The proof that demonstrates we’re on the right path toward helping our customers build a more secure future is that our partners support our approach at the deep integration level. To us, this is more than a surface-level, high-five between two businesses. When our partners give us a thumbs up, it means four fingers are pointing back at them. In a way, this is cool because we’re literally lending the better part of our hands in this journey together to make sure our customers can build businesses that are secure enough to last many next generations. You can read more about next generation IGA in this post from my colleague, Yash Prakash.

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