Opening Scene: Oktane 2018 Advocates Using the Best Tools to Ensure Security

Vibhuti Sinha

Vibhuti Sinha

Chief Product Officer, Workforce Identity & Intelligence

Our technical experts team at Saviynt are spending this week at Oktane, where there is ample encouragement to engage Okta technology partners to talk about the big things they are doing to drive innovation for Okta customers. According to a recent Oktane press release and a key message highlighted in the keynote addresses:

“Businesses need to equip their employees with the best tools and ensure their data is secure while doing so. As a result, IT leaders not only have to connect to and manage a variety of cloud apps and on-premises solutions, they also need to balance ease of use and security,”  – Okta Press Release

Saviynt has built one-click integration with Okta, and we’re more than pleased to demonstrate our latest capabilities that help organizations more easily embrace governance in today’s hybrid IT reality.

Saviynt believes any company should be able to choose the software and tools that fit the needs of the business without sacrificing an ounce of security along the path to business agility. In fact, we never bought into the idea that risk has to mean less convenience or agility. Which is one of the reasons our partnership with Okta makes so much sense.

Digital transformation is driving amazing innovation that lets business be quick, work and process be nimble and it’s helping companies burn their light twice brighter than the competition. With this faster-than-ever pace of business comes an even greater need for governance to enter the scene in the first act of any technology provider’s purview of how they build and manage business services today. Placing governance first is what we do at Saviynt.

Governance is being aware of the risks at play in any business transaction or interaction. No matter how quick and agile today’s technologies enable your organization to win at business, you have to have governance for it to be a smart business. Whether you’re granting access between organizations or to employees within an organization, enabling seamless interactions with your customers or preparing for the future of IoT things interacting with your systems, governance is a necessary caution. Governance of identities, infrastructure, applications, and data allows us to process and consider so we can proceed with greater clarity and confidence in who we do business with and the global economies we operate in.

So in the name of smart business and intelligent governance, we are pleased to see Okta and VMWare working in our same direction to keep governance top-of-mind while advancing security for the digital workspaces they’ll enable tomorrow. Anything that puts ease in the hands of users while placing governance to work in the background wins in our book.

We’re pleased to be a deep integration partner with Okta. To show it, we drove all the way from our LA headquarters to show you how our integration with Okta can help your business – whether you’re cloud-first, on premises, or living the hybrid IT reality.

No matter what genre or scene you’re trying to play a role, visit booth #S10 and see how we considered your governance needs well before the first scene of your epic business quest. Because as the Duke so aptly said, “Well, there are some things a man just can’t run away from.”

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