Key Features of a Next Generation Application Access Governance Solution

Raj Muchimilli

Raj Muchimilli

VP of Product Management

As organizations grow bigger and extend their portfolio of critical business applications, the time, effort, and cost to service and support these applications can be astronomical. Below, I break down the steps that organizations can follow when selecting the right Access Governance platform to help support the security and compliance requirements for your critical applications.

What is an Application Access Governance Solution?

Application access governance is a subset of Identity and Access Management (IAM) that focuses on access governance to protect data security and privacy by setting access controls that limit users’ access to the organization’s on-premises, hybrid, or cloud services, systems, networks, or software. To manage user identities and access privileges, many organizations use automated IAM solutions, such as a single sign-on solution (SSO) for password management, that helps maintain compliance with the access policy and internal controls.

What is Intelligent Analytics?

Intelligent analytics use large amounts of data to learn and predict to gain insights into potential risks. Many organizations incorporate predictive analytics in their business reporting tools to create a future performance analysis that helps find strategies for organizational improvement.

An intelligent system can predictively serve a user’s needs, cut down manual operations or achieve objectives faster, cheaper and better. The ability to integrate intelligent analytics to perform smarter operations autonomously or partially autonomously will be quintessential for next-generation systems.

How Intelligent Analytics Help Streamline Application Access Governance

Applications are no exception to the phenomenon of providing faster and cheaper quality, lest they fall out of favor or fall behind. Saviynt prides itself on intelligent analytics as a foundation of its leadership in Application Access Governance.

Predictive suggestions in its Access-Request portal provide usage-based Segregation of Duties analysis, intuitive remediation options, the ability to quantitatively and qualitatively risk score users, and alerts to the management of potential vulnerabilities. After aligning your controls to your risk tolerance, you can apply intelligent analytics to your application access governance strategy to ensure data privacy and security.

The Saviynt platform uses powerful algorithms in usage-based role mining to systematically remove excess access that prevents access misuse, a leading cause of data breaches according to the 2019 Data Breach Incident Report. When choosing a next-generation IGA solution, you need something that can tackle your current challenges and future needs.

What are the Difficulties in Managing Application Access Governance as the Organization Scales?

As companies grow bigger, diversify, expand product lines and transcend geographies, their portfolio of critical business applications grows significantly over time. The increased number of applications adds to the operational costs, increasing the service/support time and effort as well as the compliance cost of monitoring application access, particularly for publicly held companies.

Many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers, such as SAP and Oracle, provide dedicated modules and products to support access governance for their own products, such as Emergency Access, Role Management, and Reporting. Although these work well, they lack the ability to create a common standard for processes, controls, and audit documentation. Managing multiple dashboards, one for each provider lacks the ease of maintenance and centralized access management and increase human error risk.

How Intelligent Analytics Enable Seamless Integration for Managing Identity

Intelligent analytics help organizations create a standardized definition for user roles, groups, and access across a complex infrastructure.

Adding new applications and creating a cloud-first or cloud-only digital transformation strategy increases your cybersecurity risk. As the enterprise adds new resources, it creates new access points and identities that need to be incorporated into the identity management program.

An intelligent system with predictive peer- and usage-based analytics streamlines the provisioning process by automatically suggesting new resources for users and alerting the organization to potential segregation of duties compliance violations.

Digital transformation strategies incorporate new types of non-person identities that need privileged access, such as bots, robotic process automation, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Intelligent analytics enable you to manage potential risk access arising from these identities and incorporate them as part of your privacy policy mandated access reviews.

Having a common platform in a web-based solution that seamlessly integrates with all critical applications via a common intuitive process and user experience is the need of the hour. Saviynt provides this ability, substantially reducing response time in fulfillment, TCO and overall risk in onboarding several applications (running into the hundreds at certain customers). It integrates with target systems using standards-based approaches that can be deployed in very quick time.

Why Saviynt? Intelligent Analytics for Smarter Security

Saviynt’s platform provides intelligent analytics that enables role-mining for identity de-duplication so that organizations can standardize identity across their ecosystem. Our cloud-native platform offers flexible deployment options, including on-premises or cloud, to support any IT infrastructure.

Mobile Enablement

As the world moves to smarter, more compact, intelligent devices that are focused on enhancing the user experience, it is imperative that the next generation solutions are compatible with such an extension. The ability to put all the capabilities, key functions in the palm of the users is a key expectation that all successful applications will have to accommodate in the virtual office of the present and the future. Saviynt provides a powerful mobile app to manage the day to day activities such as initiating a request, managing approvals, complete certification, view dashboards and take actions in a timely manner.

Cloud-Based Solution

Finally, If there is one thing common in the corporate world today, it is the universal acceptance of cloud-based solutions in all spheres of IT solutions and operations. By the turn of this decade, most of the data centers will be replaced by cloud providers.

Increasingly, IT spend is coming from the business, a Gartner survey indicates 29% of it is currently replacing what was traditional IT spend in the past. This helps businesses to quickly implement ideas while providing the ability to adapt and enter new markets.

Saviynt is one such forward-thinking solution offering Application Access Governance solution as part of its Identity Governance platform. It provides organizations with the ability to quickly deploy and seamlessly integrate with multiple critical applications within your environment to manage risks effectively.

If you would like to learn more about Saviynt’s Next-Generation Identity Governance platform, feel free to connect with me at Raj Muchimilli.

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