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Adam Barngrover

Adam Barngrover

Principal Solution Strategist

As more and more organizations expand their Microsoft technology deployments, new challenges are rapidly appearing, including their ability to maintain compliance in a dynamic cloud and hybrid ecosystem.  Effective monitoring and continuous compliance controls across high velocity applications like Office 365, Teams, Dynamics & Azure AD are paramount. Managing new user populations is beyond just employees. Access to data is increasing exponentially. Learn how Saviynt helps organizations manage and secure your Microsoft eco-system. 

Azure AD

Organizations adopting digital transformation strategies have routinely migrated their mission-critical applications and sensitive data to Microsoft Azure. Azure Active Directory Service (AADS) streamlines the management of authentication and basic security.

Authenticated users can access multiple resources, data and applications making it difficult to track who has access. As organizations lose visibility into user access, risk will continually increase.

Saviynt’s cloud-native Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform extends and complements Azure AD’s governance, adding fine-grained application permissions and risk-based governance, as well as enhanced group management and cleanup.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a deep understanding of your enterprise business, including sales, customer acquisition, customer service, and back-end operations. Organizations must ensure the right person gets the right access, their data and resources are secure, and are regulatory compliant. This is especially true when integrating data-rich solutions for finance, accounting or payroll, and third-party applications such as Cashflow Management or Analytical Accounts. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a rich security model. However, to help reduce risk and meet compliance requirements with complex Segregation of Duties (SoDs), another solution is required. Saviynt’s Application Risk and Governance understands regulatory requirements, proactively scans your environment for risky configurations, and automates “least privilege necessary” access controls for users.

We deliver centralized, fine-grain identity controls, real-time intelligence, and automated response solutions to secure and protect your customers. In addition, you are provided analytics and constant certification of SoDs to ensure regulatory compliance.

Microsoft Teams

Managing access and ownership of your Microsoft Teams is challenging due to the massive number of people authorized to create and manage access within Teams. To help manage organizational security, you need tight control over who can create teams, rights of individuals when they change roles or leave a Teams channel, and who can upload documents. You also need governance controls for lifecycle management, approval workflows, and succession management. 

Saviynt’s Identity-Governance-as-a-Service (IGAaaS) enables organizations using Microsoft Teams to adopt a holistic approach to identity governance and administration (IGA) for managing access to hybrid IT and ensuring that you can control Teams data and activities. It combines traditional IGA features with advanced usage analytics, data access governance, user behavior analytics, real-time threat detection, and compliance controls to secure your critical Teams assets. 

External User Population

As your projects grow, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with the ever-growing user population that could include external users such as B2B, Vendors and/or customers.

Saviynt delivers a single pane of glass to monitor and manage ALL access for ALL user populations. This centralized view includes generating Teams invitations to external users as well as providing visibility and management of Private Channels settings based on One Drive Site Collections.  


Saviynt starts with people – who they are and what applications they need – to create a holistic set of identities across the cloud ecosystem. This approach enables customers to govern all identities access from cradle to grave, providing continuous visibility of access to enforce internal controls that align with regulatory and industry standard mandates.  Saviynt’s cloud-native platform offers flexible deployments, including on-premises only or hybrid/cloud to match your hybrid ecosystem identity needs. 

Our suite of solutions enables you to create a holistic approach to IAM that enables you to mature your cybersecurity posture by securing your Microsoft ecosystem with identity-centric security. 

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