Identity 3.0 – Converging IGA and PAM

Vibhuti Sinha

Vibhuti Sinha

Chief Product Officer
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Converge is Saviynt’s annual conference, attended by security thought leaders, technology advisors and innovators who share security best practices. At the first Converge event, Saviynt customers and system integrators strongly supported our philosophy of platform convergence between IGA (Identity governance and administration), Application GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and Cloud Security to bring to market a more holistic solution to tackle ever expanding identity management and security challenges.  

One of their critical asks at Converge was for Saviynt to extend the convergence philosophy to PAM (Privileged Access Management) and help its customers in a rapid adoption as they modernize their IT infrastructure in the cloud. We listened to our customers and responded by launching the beta program for Cloud PAM at the Converge event held on Dec 2nd, 2018.

Adding PAM to Saviynt offerings further strengthens the evolution of Saviynt from a security solution to a security platform. It signifies a big step for Saviynt, enabling customers to solve their security, identities and access needs across on-premise assets and cloud. The expansion of the Saviynt platform enables new customer engagement models through digital transformation across the enterprise while protecting on-premise assets, cloud applications and data.  In the past, this required multiple tools sets that had to be cobbled together to make them work. Now, with one vendor platform solution from Saviynt, we cover the enterprise.

Securing cloud brings its own set of unique challenges with cloud platform security models being inherently complex, managing privileged identities and privileged access. These challenges get further augmented with the elasticity and ephemeral objects of the cloud. Integrated with the broad identity capabilities we deliver today, enterprises and IT departments will benefit through simplicity, ease of knowledge transfer and integration. Integration across the security perimeter and with critical applications like ERP, CRM, CSM and more.

“Saviynt’s Cloud PAM is born in the cloud using native cloud technologies to solve the needs for a cloud ecosystem with the agility and scalability it demands”.

Converging PAM and IGA in a platform which is cloud native, helps Saviynt in addressing the key challenges, an organization faces when they implement PAM. They include:

  • Extended implementation times due to multiple stacks and parts in the solution
  • Complex integrations with unlike IGA and SIEM products that do not fit well together
  • Difficult to scale due to the transient nature of Cloud applications
  • Complex operational support of multiple product stacks and heterogeneous architectures
  • Complex pricing
  • Lack of risk awareness and governance

Saviynt has always been innovative in designing its platform to meet the business and technology needs of complex and ever-evolving customer landscapes. With our PAM offerings, Saviynt does offer its customers with –

  • Flexible Vaulting – Cloud vaulting (Built on Hashicorp Vault) capabilities to store credentials on Saviynt Cloud or integrate with Customer’s vault
  • Web and containerized based SSH – Removing the need for thick SSH client and allowing to scale for thousands of SSH sessions using container technologies
  • No need for a separate IGA implementation – Saviynt’s convergence philosophy of building a security platform, reduces the need for integrations and provides a seamless experience to manage security across on-premise and cloud ecosystems
  • Cloud Native –Inherent use of serverless, container and elastic technologies enable the solution to scale on cloud and further address the needs of an ephemeral environment
  • Risk Aware and better auditability – With IGA, Saviynt brings risk awareness and embeds it in the complete PAM lifecycle, thereby increasing the security and risk posture of an organization  

As the industry is maturing with their cloud adoption, the convergence of IGA with PAM in an orchestrated platform from a single vendor is much talked about and discussed. At Saviynt, we strongly believe in this convergence and have embarked on this journey.

Details about our PAM offerings will be published in a blog series shortly.

To learn more about Saviynt’s converged PAM and IGA offering, please write to us at [email protected].

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