Getting GRC Right: The Third Step is to Optimize

Keri Bowman

Keri Bowman

Director, Product Management

Based on the Capability Maturity Model, achieving application access governance maturity involves three steps: Get Clean, Stay Clean, and Optimize. The first two steps, Get Clean and Stay Clean, require assessing your Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) program to address existing risks, implementing preventative risk detection and automated access provisioning, certifications, and emergency access requests. Once you achieve these first two steps, you’re ready to optimize the environment by managing and monitoring environmental controls on an ongoing basis, establishing a complete end-to-end customer lifecycle, and avoiding gaps that may result in any audit and compliance concerns.

You’ll reach the final stage of the Capability Maturity Model by employing built-in controls, integrated risk simulations, and role entitlement/engineering management tools. These allow you to focus on continually improving your environment after establishing a documented, repeatable, and automated risk management process. This process creates a secure and governed environment that’s easy to maintain through visibility. Here are our recommended steps for optimizing your GRC program.

Utilize Access Analytics

Instituting automated persistent controls monitoring, standardized documentation & training on governance processes, and enforcing ruleset maintenance, ensures that the environment remains a low risk. By maintaining a clean user-risk population (no unmitigated risks exist for users), you can meet the end goal of a managed and monitored environment. 

Saviynt’s Application Access Governance product (AAG) provides continuous controls monitoring to help you optimize your GRC program with the following features:

  • Robust analytics feed reporting controls that help improve the risk environment.
  • Consistent monitoring of analytic controls to verify that controls are operating effectively.
  • A library of controls from our control exchange specifically tailored to meet customer objectives to establish measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for any applications.
  • Our control exchange maps controls to industry-standard control frameworks and regulatory compliance requirements. It features out-of-the-box controls from key regulations like SOX, GDPR, HIPAA, and ITGC built for one-click reporting.
  • Actionability on controls. You can remediate access via AAG based on results from control reports.

Utilize Role Mining/Engineering

As access utilization changes in applications, role entitlements should be updated accordingly. Part of optimizing a system is continually monitoring usage and functionality changes to reduce excess access and meet the least privileged access goals. When a governance process has achieved a “clean” status, security managers can shift their focus and free up time to analyze design patterns and access usage to align entitlements to user needs better.

Develop technical rules to maintain “clean” status.

Understand the health of your current application portfolio.

AAG’s role mining and engineering help partners and clients maintain clean access security designs (transaction duplication, role usage, etc.) in environments on a long-term basis. AAG’s enterprise role creation capability enables partners and clients to plan and execute organization access standardization.

Manage Licenses

Ongoing license management reviews support license reclassification as user functionalities change. This reclassification maintains a license structure that reflects the actual business usage and avoids cost overages due to incorrect license assignments.

AAG’s license management capability automates the ongoing monitoring of application licenses, ensuring efficiency and cost savings.

Creating standardized, measured, controlled, repeatable processes that allow for continual improvement and optimization is the ultimate goal of any GRC program. Saviynt AAG facilitates governing who gets access, secures what access is provided, and maintains full visibility to access, supporting all of your risk and compliance initiatives on an ongoing basis. No matter where you are in the journey toward application access governance maturity for your GRC program, Saviynt AAG supports you every step of the way.

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