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MJ Kaufmann

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Insider Insights on Building Enterprise Consensus

Saviynt welcomed their next panel of experts for the second episode of Ask The Expert on July 8th, 2020. Campbell’s Anne Gorman, Simeio’s Batool Aliakbar, and Saviynt’s own Jaime Lee-Gross joined host Chris Gregory for a discussion showcasing Saviynt customer Campbell’s Soup success story. Our panel of experts met to provide strategies and help others facing the challenge of gaining consensus on their modernization journey.

The episode’s discussion centered around ways to get stakeholders within your organization onboard with the modernization process. It’s a known fact that change is uncomfortable for people. Any alteration to business, as usual, is going to face some opposition. No matter how big or small the change nor how well-intentioned or beneficial it might be, change evokes a level of fear and uncertainty. Our panel of industry experts shared their professional on the ground experience facing opponents of IGA modernization. They gave our audience honest insights on how to convert naysayers and even turn them into champions of the cause.

Breaking all Barriers 

Silos and internal “fiefdoms” are a major stumbling block on the road to modernizing your IGA program. When getting buy-in for the modernization process, it’s crucial to bring the various entities that have evolved over the years. Often these different groups that contributed very specific services or parts of a process aren’t excited at the prospect of change. Even though these processes were integral in the past, they may no longer be needed, or the contribution they have may shift with the modernization strategy. IGA modernization appears threatening for some stakeholders, so the key is to listen, understand their story, and spell out how the modernization process will improve their operations. When the modernization process becomes something that benefits them getting buy-in and breaking up these silos happens faster.

Understanding Your Stakeholders

Making a strong pitch for modernization requires explaining how modernization will benefit each segment of stakeholders. Before you can make that pitch, you need to understand how different key players will have their resources affected by the process. Ignoring them can make them your greatest enemies. Understanding them will make them your greatest assets. Knowing their motivation and pain points is crucial to demonstrating how modernization will actually assist them. Communication plays a vital role here, and taking time to listen will help you steer the modernization toward mutually beneficial goals. When stakeholders see their concerns addressed and realize their needs will be met, it’s full speed ahead for your IGA program.  

Pushing from the Top Down

Effectively executing IGA modernization requires including a particular type of stakeholder from the executive leadership. It’s great to have executive buy-in, but it’s better to have an executive that will champion your cause. Seeing that the executive promotes and advocates for modernization can help bring more difficult stakeholders into the fold. Batool made an excellent point that gaining executive buy-in often requires creating a value-driven proposition to help executives fully understand what gains the modernization program offers. Much like other stakeholders, you have to drive to the heart of what central to them. Executives need to see value coming from the project both in the near and long term.

Be Specific with What You Measure

As the session drew to a close, Jamie delivered pivotal guidance on another vital aspect of getting executives on board – Having clear metrics. Defining success requires clear and measurable criteria. Regardless of the parameters in place for the current infrastructure and environment, evolving processes generally necessitate new metrics to quantify the new processes accurately. Outdated or poorly designed metrics can’t gather useful information. Effective metrics are clear, concise, and measurable. Utilizing appropriate metrics improves communication and enables accurate demonstration of the gains made via IGA modernization.

Saviynt appreciates the time and effort our experts put into offering their guidance in this interactive series. We hope you will join us for our upcoming episode, Virtualizing Risk-Based Security in Remote Environments, featuring VMware on August 26 at 10AM. If you were unable to attend this session for any reason, we hope you enjoy the session in an on-demand format. Saviynt is committed to bringing you expert advice in both a live interactive style as well as on-demand.  

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