Emergence of Identity Governance as a Service

Over the last year, it has become evident that Identity Governance delivered as a Service (a.k.a. Cloud IGA) has not only picked up momentum but has become the first choice for many organizations. Gartner in its recently released report (subscription needed) on building Next-Generation Identity Governance infrastructure reiterated this trend.

In this interesting report, Gartner analyst Homan Farahmand highlights how organizations who have on-premise IGA infrastructure are struggling with scalability issues and higher total cost of ownership. Enterprises spend way more time in maintenance and upgrade of the tool than building Identity Governance capabilities. I have seen organizations with an army of developers, ready to customize the tool at the drop of a hat. Cloud IGA solution should be considered as an alternative, offering an innovative solution without operational overhead.

Another key driver for IAM leaders to relook at their IGA strategy is to align their programs with cloud-first and digital transformation initiatives. Existing IGA solutions are not built to address these emerging and constantly evolving requirements and limit the ability to ingrain security from the beginning (which is critical for Cloud services).

The Gartner report positions Saviynt as a Cloud-architected (purpose-built for delivering IGA services from the cloud using modern application architecture) solution. With flexible deployment patterns, Saviynt offers customers the ability to choose a pattern that is right-fit for their organization and their unique Cloud IGA journey. All this, without compromising on the capability or flexibility of the on-premises IGA solution.

At Saviynt, we encourage our customers to benefit from the simplification and normalization of IGA processes that we have brought to the Cloud IGA solution. However, we understand and support the unique requirements and constraints of managing legacy applications/systems on-premise and in some cases SaaS applications as well.

As I look at 2017 and beyond, Cloud IGA market is bound to grow exponentially and will become the de-facto standard. Saviynt is committed to bringing the latest innovations and several industry-firsts to our customers and partners. Stay tuned.

Yash Prakash

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Yash Prakash, Chief Operating Officer at Saviynt, is responsible for product management, product marketing along with supporting other strategic initiatives across the company. Yash has over 13 years of experience in consulting, business development, portfolio management and executing complex security projects for leading enterprises across the globe.

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