Cloud Access Governance and Intelligence (CAGI) Overview


Access Governance and Intelligence for Cloud and Enterprise Applications

Saviynt can integrate with any on-premise or cloud application, Saviynt also provides out of box integration with key Cloud Applications and Enterprise Applications to provide comprehensive Access Governance, Access Management and Access Intelligence capabilities.

Saviynt can import Access and Usage data from applications in real time or batch basis, analyze the data against industry leading controls, provide exceptions / violations and remediate exceptions. In addition, Saviynt provides the ability to Mine / Design Functional Roles and Attribute Based Rules based on user data, attributes and usage. These roles can be provisioned back in the application where applicable and can be monitored in real time for violations.

Data Access Governance for Office 365, Box and Dropbox

Out of box integration with collaboration platforms like Office 365, Dropbox and Box to classify and rank the data based on risk, tag the data with the correct risk level, review who has access to critical data inside and outside the enterprise, review who is accessing critical data, review / investigate alerts based on leading IT security controls and behavior analytics to remediate any anomalies.

Data Access Governance for Hadoop and SAP Hana

Out of box integration with Big Data Platforms such as Hadoop and SAP HANA including support for Cloudera and Hortonworks. Saviynt allows data stewards and information security teams to build data access rules in business terms. Saviynt Role Generator translates these business rules into implementable roles that are created in Hadoop or HANA. Saviynt provides the ability to provision these rules automatically in the big data platform. In addition, Saviynt provides real time monitoring of these rules based on the changes in underlying access and activities.

Out of Box IT Security, Risk and Threat Controls Mapped to Application

Saviynt provides over 150+ IT security, risk and threat controls mapped to specific applications access and usage. Controls are mapped to the fine grained entitlements so they do not change based on the application roles defined in an enterprise and can be used out of the box. Organizations can also add new controls. Saviynt provides the ability to take actions on the controls and provide control violation trend charts.

Out of Box Segregation of Duties, Critical Access and Compliance Controls

Saviynt provides over 120+ IT and business Segregation of Duty rules mapped to key applications out of the box. Rules are mapped to the fine grained entitlements so they do not change based on the application roles defined in an enterprise and can be used out of the box. Saviynt provides industry’s most advanced Segregation of Duties remediation capability based on advanced analytics on user data, access data and usage data.

Industry leading Role Mining and Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC) rules design

Saviynt provides industry’s leading role and rule mining and design engine. Saviynt team has over 20 years of experience in providing role mining solutions. Saviynt uses a combination of user attributes, user access and activity to help predict roles. Saviynt role design engine supports Enterprise Roles, Functional Roles, Application Roles, Dynamic Roles, Birthright Roles & Attribute Based Access Management Rules

Most Intuitive and Easy to Use and Configure Access Request System

Saviynt provides the most intuitive and easy to configure Access Request System. Enterprises can literally onboard applications in minutes and hours without writing a single line of code!

Saviynt provides preventative Segregation of Duty and IT security controls testing during the request process allowing the security team to block the request or assign a mitigating control.  Approval workflow definition is based on easy to use interface which can be used by a security analyst – does not require any development skills.

Behavioral Analytics


Advanced signature less behavior based analytics that continuously builds User, Resource and Peer Group behavior. The solution detects anomalies at run time and provides a complete investigation workbench and case management capabilities.